ARAW, Autoreconnection ADSL Wanadoo

You got bored of being disconnected from Wanadoo's ADSL line every 24 hours too ?
Here is a script which will allow your GNU/Linux box using an Alcatel Speedtouch USB to reconnect "comme un grand" to the net whenever the link goes down...


What does ARAW do ?

ARAW is quite simple. It consist on a set of little scripts. They first bring the connection up. Afterwards, one script is entitled to test the link by pinging the gateway. If the gateway doesn't answer, then the link is down, so lets reinitiate it !

Nota : whereas it was originally designed for Wanadoo, ARAW has been reported to work correctly with Club Internet.

What does ARAW NOT do ?

First thing to know, ARAW does NOT make coffee ! ;-)
ARAW is NOT a driver, it's only designed to work over existing drivers. It uses the
Speedtouch USB driver, and can't work without it. You should have it properly installed before thinking about installing ARAW. It may or may not work with other drivers (if any ?) with not too much modifications.

What systems/providers does it work with ?

Currently, ARAW is known to work on :
The list is still a bit short, but if ARAW works well on your system, please
let me know.


Just go
here or get the latest package.
(c) 2002, Olivier Mehani <>