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By Olivier Mehani <>


These documents gather several problems and (at least) one way to solve these.


This site proposes a list of solutions I found to several problems I encountered. As it is often hard to find documentation, I figured out that one more place to find information wouldn't be too much, so here it is.

As you can see (upper left corner heh ?) I haven't worked much on the design. This is not my domain, and even if I think of the terrific look the page will have, I always end up with something, well, not so terrific. But that's not the point. Look isn't the objective of this site, this is problem solving (sort of). Anyway, enjoy.

How to use it ?


Just use the links to see the solution I used for a given problem. I do not say that this is the cleanest or the most efficient solution, but it worked in a satisfactory way for me, so here you are...


I wrote a little CSS stylesheet especially for the print media, so you can print the pages directly. They will render properly and in an easy to read form.



When speaking about shell commands, they can be executed as a normal user or as root. To make the difference between one another, the "standard" convention will be used :


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License:

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