libclp, a command line parsing library

Parsing command lines and rc files can quickly become very boring. libclp is intended to help quick handling of command lines (and command lines options written to a rc file) in a clear and simple way.


What does libclp do ?

libclp come as a library, you can simply link you porgrams against it as you would have done, say, for libm.
As of version 0.0.0 (current), only the command line parsing has been achieved, but the parsing of rcfile will come very soon.

What does libclp STILL NOT do ?

As said above, libclp still doesn't handle rcfiles. There are also a few behaviors we've been getting used to such as not seperated options (ls -lh) or not seperated option and argument (gcc -Wall) which are not handled yet.

What systems does it work on ?

Currently, libclp is known to work on :
The list is still a bit short, but if libclp works well on your system, please
let me know.


Just go
here or get the latest package.
(c) 2002, Olivier Mehani <>